SARAT Program

Patrollers Assisting with Search and Rescue

The New Jersey Region supports a program for qualified Ski Patrollers to assist in Search and Rescue. Patrollers representing members across all 7 NJ Region Ski Patrols are organized into a group called the Search and Rescue Affiliate Team (SARAT).

The NJ Region Ski Patrol SARAT is a member of the Search and Rescue Council of New Jersey (SARCNJ).

To be eligible to participate on SARAT patrollers must be in good standing; have completed OEC and Professional Level CPR and all annual refreshers.  To be mission ready, members must be in good physical condition, have a stocked day-pack “ready to go;” have completed Mountain Travel and Rescue Level 1 (MTR 1) and have a working knowledge of the Incident Command System (ICS).  Additional requirements also exit.

SARAT is not a strike team.  Our mission is to assist on Search and Rescue Tasks primarily providing First Aid skills (OEC) to teams in the field and to injured subjects.  As individuals we may be attached to other Task Teams. Alternatively, as a group, we may be assigned a specific ground search mission or task.  Individuals with additional skills (like Navigation, Radio Communications, etc.) may also contribute in those capacities.

SARAT works closely with other existing Search and Rescue Teams in the NJ area and with State and Local Law Enforcement Personnel.

If you are interested in putting your skills to good use when and where they are needed, please contact Steve Devine at 973-356-8897 or for more information or to sign up