Nordic Program

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Nordic Training is held alternating Saturday and Sunday Mornings from 9:00 AM to Noon at High Point Cross Country Ski Center. Please contact JC for details and to confirm your interest and area operational status for any given weekend. You must RSVP to JC or the instructor for the day if you plan to attend. Please click on “more info” on the Calendar for RSVP information. If you are coming from far away and early mornings are not good for you, we can flex the schedule to accommodate your needs. Just call JC or Steve Devine.

Nordic Patroller Test

Please contact your Patrol Director or anyone on the Nordic training team if you are interested in taking the Nordic Evaluation and please continue to check the Calendar for updates.

NJ Nordic Instruction Team

Jim (JC) Cowell 973-764-1594
Deb Cowell 973-764-1594
Steve Devine 973-586-1767
Rick Liebenstien 973-831-8496
Greg France 845-557-3340
Ken Marsh 973-764-9362