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Level 1 Avalanche Module 1 (L1AM1)  – January 21st, 2017 at Campgaw Mountain, Mahwah, NJ

    • The course provides the classroom component of a Level 1 Avalanche course. It introduces fundamental concepts and principles of avalanche hazard, safety, and rescue. It also functions as a stepping stone for those who want to continue to Module 2 where they will get to do field work and travel in avalanche terrain.
    • The module qualifies as an introductory-level course that satisfies NSP senior elective requirements.
    • No Prerequisites Required.
    • Course Fee $40 (NSP member), $50 (non-NSP)
    • Contact Matt Karpinecz mgkarp@gmail.com 845-653-2959 with any questions or to register.

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NJ Avalanche Instruction Team

Matt Karpinecz 845-653-2959 mgkarp@gmail.com
Phil Galka 973-515-0742 phillip.galka@bpu.state.nj.us
Greg France 845-557-3340 bgfrance@warwick.net
Steve Devine 973-586-1767 devines@camfilfarr.com
Steve Kiel 908-534-5160 knehpets@gmail.com
Jim (JC) Cowell 973-764-1594 jc@warwick.net
Deb Cowell 973-764-1594 drc@warwick.net
Ken Marsh 973-764-9362 tkdski@yahoo.com