MTR 1 at High Point

On the 12/10 weekend, NJ Region ran the two day Mountain Travel and Rescue Level 1

John Rovetto, Region MTR Advisor, did an excellent job organizing and running the event.

Many thanks to all the instructors who helped make this a great educational experience.

MTR1 2016 Class

MTR1 2016 Class – Candidates & Instructors


hp-mtr-class-2016-rope-pic2-1 hp-mtr-class-2016-tent-pic3-1It was a blast, with much learning and fun to be had. But boy was it cold! 17 students plus several instructors and two search&rescue dogs camped overnight in tents with the temperature dropping to 13 degrees.

Below is a picture from Day 2 after breaking camp. Can you find where the campers in the photo above were sleeping?


Two OEC Courses completed

Saturday 12/3 NJ Region ran 2 OEC practical evaluations.

Mountain Creek’s OEC course had 5 passing students and Delaware Valley’s class also had 5 passes. This gives us a grand total of 10 new patrollers out on the slopes this year.

Congratulations to all of them!

Many thanks to the instructors who helped with the classes and to the evaluators who came out to test the candidates.

Special thanks to the IORs and IT’s who make these course happen:
Delaware Valley: David Mooney, IOR; Alan Bergstrom, IT
Mountain Creek: KG, IOR; Gene Kohler, IT


DVSP’s Class (L-R): Robert Shultz, John Sevchuk, Kris Boehm, Susan Peters, Samantha Johnston, Chuck Korger

Bailey Plotts, Samuel Moen, Christopher D'Amello, Cheryl Corbett, John Mackessack

MCSP’s Class (L-R): Bailey Plotts, Samuel Moen, Christopher D’Amello, Cheryl Corbett, John Mackessack

2016 OEC Refresher Season

SignUpGenius-NSP_NJ_OEC_Logo copy All NJ Region refreshers are Hybrid OEC Refreshers.

This means there are two parts that you will need to complete to get your OEC Cycle C Refresher credit:

PART 1 – Online portion (Lectures)
PART 2 – “On Mountain” portion (Hands-on)




  • Saturday 9/10 at Lambertville, NJ (8am – 3pm)  DONE!
  • Sunday 9/18 at Wayne, NJ (8am – 3pm) DONE!



  • National Winter Activity Center – 10/15
  • Delaware Valley – 10/16 (This refresher is being run later than usual this year)
  • Campgaw – 11/20  (E043160001)
  • Mountain Creek – 11/20  (Q122160003)

(see Calendar for Course#/Registration links) 


Information on taking a Hybrid OEC Refresher

PART 1 – ONLINE Refresher Material:

Here are the steps to take the online portion:

There is NO course number for the Online Refresher portion.

1) Logging into
2) Click the “For Members” button.
3) Click the “Online Learning” button
4) UPDATE: A screen will pop-up in a new tab/window saying the “You are leaving” and to click on the image to go the site.
NOTE: if clicking the image does nothing, you have pop-ups blocked. Try holding down the SHIFT key while clicking or change your settings to allow pop-ups.

4a)You will be taken to the “” – Log in (your username/password from last year has not changed).

5) Click the “Available Courses” Tab
6) Select the “OEC Refresher Cycle C 2016” and Click “Add”
    [if you don’t see Cycle C listed you may need to click the + sign at the bottom of the box to expand the list.]
7) Its Free!…Click “Add Course”
8) You should be back to the “My Course” tab – Click “Launch” under “OEC Refresher Cycle C 2016”

9) Select Module one to start (You must do the modules in order) and you will be presented with more info to fill in:
    [Note: if the form is auto filled it is probably wrong.]
Member ID = your 6 digit NSP #
Patrol/unit name = Patrol name
Patrol/Unit Number = E###

10) Begin the modules.
11) Finish modules. Fill out evaluation form. Print completion certificate. Bring Certificate to Hands-on Refresher portion.

PART 2: Hands-on OEC Refresher sign up:

If you would like a visual walk through of the proces:
Login to  >>> Click “Costumer Care FAQ” button >>> Select “Course Enrollment” under Detailed Video Tuorials.

1) Log in to
2) Click “For Members”
3) On the right hand side, under “Member Resources” click “Course Schedule”
     [Note: if you don’t see the Member Resouces” column, use the Member Resources drop-down at the top of the page and select “Course Schedule”]
4) In “Course Number Equals”, enter <Course Number>*, then click “Find”
5) Find the date you want to attend and Click course title link “OEC Refresher C”
6) Click “Register Myself”
7) Click “Proceed to Checkout”
8) Click “Submit Order”

*Enter “Q122160003” for Mountain Creek,
or “E043160001” for Campgaw

IMPORTANT: You will not get credit for the refresher if you do not complete the registration.

Congratulations OEC Candidates!


Keep calm…deep breath…BSI…A,B,C’s…OEC on.

Congratulations to The Center’s first OEC class!

[L-R] (Class IT) Harriet Frawley, Quint VonLengerke,  Rex Anderson Jr.,
Larry “Kep” Ketchum, Bailey Plotts, Melissa Masucci, (Class IOR) Joni Porter
oec-eval-hv-2016OEC Evaluation run on Saturday, September 17th, 2016

Many thanks to:

Evaluators: Allan Clark, Debbie Nechay-Hoer, Dianne Ullmer, Gene Kohler, Jeff Jablonski, Jim Stewart, KG, Lainie McDonnell, Ralph Cooke, Robert Quigley

Patients and Helpers: Stu Mavros , Henery Mah, Katie Quigley, Mike DeFilippis, Kevin Duffy

OEC Exam Coordinator: David Mooney

Thanks to Mountain Creek for hosting the evaluation.

Congratulations MTR Challenge teams!

Updated! With pictures!

Two teams from NJ Region took first & second places at the First Annual MTR Challenge held Sunday February 28th on Mount Greylock in MA . It was a grueling day & congratulations are in order for the First Place team of Steve Devine and Chris Mazza and the Second place team of Matt Karpinecz and Rod Schmidt.

Both teams did an excellent job!!  – Deb Cowell

The two teams were separated by only a minute which is very impressive considering that this was a 9 hour competition day!

It is a grueling mix of outdoor rescue challenges, including fire starting, rope skills, shelter building, first aid, avalanche, etc. There are also pictures on Facebook.
We are very proud that our own Patrollers ruled this competition!  –  Susanne Ebling

Congratulations MTR Teams!

Thanks to Deb and Susanne for the text & Matt (1) and Deb (2-8) for pictures.