2017 OEC Refresher Season

PA CloudAll NJ Region refreshers are Hybrid OEC Refreshers.

This means there are two parts that you will need to complete to get your OEC Cycle A Refresher credit:

PART 1 – Online portion (Lectures)
PART 2 – Hands-on portion



  • Saturday 9/9 at Lambertville, NJ (8am – 3pm) (Cse# E337170002)
  • Sunday 9/17 at Wayne, NJ (8am – 3pm) (Cse# E337170003)


  • Delaware Valley – 10/1 (Cse# E337170005)
  • Mountain Creek – 10/1 (Cse# Q122170002)
  • National Winter Activity Center – 10/14
  • Campgaw – 11/19

(Course#/Registration links to be posted when available) 


Information on taking a Hybrid OEC Refresher

PART 1 – ONLINE Refresher Material:

Here are the steps to take the online portion (or download instructions HERE):

There is NO course number for the Online Refresher portion.

1) Logging into www.NSP.org
2) Click the “For Members” button.
3) Click the “Online Learning” button
4) Click on “Click Here To Enter…”
NOTE: if clicking the image does nothing, you have pop-ups blocked. Try holding down the SHIFT key while clicking or change your settings to allow pop-ups.

5) Click the “Courses” Tab (top left)
6) Select the “2017 Refresher A”
7) Select “Module 1” one to start the on-line portion of the refresher
8) Finish modules. Fill out evaluation form. Print completion certificate.
9) Bring Certificate to Hands-on Refresher portion.

PART 2: Hands-on OEC Refresher sign up:

If you would like a visual walk through of the proces:
Login to NSP.org  >>> Click “Costumer Care FAQ” button >>> Select “Course Enrollment” under Detailed Video Tuorials.

1) Log in to www.NSP.org
2) Click “For Members”
3) On the right hand side, under “Member Resources” click “Course Schedule”
     [Note: if you don’t see the Member Resouces” column, use the Member Resources drop-down at the top of the page and select “Course Schedule”]
4) In “Course Number Equals”, enter <Course Number>, then click “Find”
5) Find the date you want to attend and Click course title link “OEC Refresher A”
6) Click “Register Myself”
7) Click “Proceed to Checkout”
8) Click “Submit Order”

IMPORTANT: You will not get credit for the refresher if you do not complete the online registration.

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