Congratulations OEC Candidates!

Congratulations to The Center’s 2017 OEC class!

NWAC OEC Class 2017

[L-R] Abby Cohen, Anatoly Muchnikov, Finn Holovacs,
Anastasia Orlova, Nate Jablonski, Erin Butterfield
OEC Practical Evaluation was run on Saturday, September 24th, 2017

Many thanks to:

Evaluators: Alan Bergstrom, Allan Clark, Diane Ullmer, Jeff Jablonski, Lainie McDonnell, Mike Melcer, Phil Galka, Ralph Cooke, Randal Sehn, Steve Divine, Sue Ellen Helmacy, Tim Holovacs, Tom Marett,

Patients: Mike DiFilippis, Skye Frawley, Tarra Frawley, Ester Melcer

Catering: Porter-Frawley Food Services, Inc.

OEC Class IOR: Joni Porter
OEC Class IT:
Harriet Frawley
OEC Exam Coordinator: David Mooney

Thanks to National Winter Activity Center for hosting the evaluation.

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