Congratulations MTR Challenge teams!

Updated! With pictures!

Two teams from NJ Region took first & second places at the First Annual MTR Challenge held Sunday February 28th on Mount Greylock in MA . It was a grueling day & congratulations are in order for the First Place team of Steve Devine and Chris Mazza and the Second place team of Matt Karpinecz and Rod Schmidt.

Both teams did an excellent job!!  – Deb Cowell

The two teams were separated by only a minute which is very impressive considering that this was a 9 hour competition day!

It is a grueling mix of outdoor rescue challenges, including fire starting, rope skills, shelter building, first aid, avalanche, etc. There are also pictures on Facebook.
We are very proud that our own Patrollers ruled this competition!  –  Susanne Ebling

Congratulations MTR Teams!

Thanks to Deb and Susanne for the text & Matt (1) and Deb (2-8) for pictures.

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