New Location for Avalanche 1

NEW LOCATION – Avalanche 1 course (Run by our own Matt Karpinecz, no prerequisite needed) is now being held at Campgaw. Download new flier.

Also…Region Officers Update:

Winter 2014-15 Calendar Update

Big calendar update so check it out!

Outdoor Emergency Transportation (aka S&T) – There’s something for everyone looking to go to the next level of S&T or just improve on your skills:

  • BASIC: There are 3 patroller schools within an easy drive from NJ and I highly recommend attending one to all patrollers. Learn the tips & tricks to better skiing from PSIA instructors and toboggan handling from Certified patrollers.
  • SENIOR: If you are going for Senior S&T, then these schools are indispensable resources of great training to move up a level. Bring on the mogul fields!
  • CERTIFIED: Be an elite patroller. Calendar has the program dates, contact them and learn the secret handshake.

MTR and Avalanche have a full set of programs this season too:

  • MTR 1 (if you missed out on the one in December)
  • MTR2 – NOTE: courses shown are the 2nd half. Contact the person in charge regarding part 1 (equipment inspection, etc.)
  • Level 1 Avalanche – Run by our own Matt Karpinecz, no prerequisite needed. NEW LOCATION – course is now being held at Campgaw. Download new flier.

Also check out the Eastern Division Calendar for additional events.

Congratulations New OEC Techs!

Here are the candidates from two of the OEC course held this year in the NJ Region.

Mountain Creek OEC Course 2014

BACK ROW - Left to Right: Mike Zimak, Kenny Dundorf, Kaden Kovar, Dan Viegas
FRONT ROW - Left to Right: Jon Zimak, Michael Marx, Luke Herrmann, Dana Maier
Not Pictured: Ben Toussaint
Photo: David Mooney

Mountain Creek OEC course ran from May to July

Delaware Valley OEC Course 2014

BACK ROW - Left to Right: Andrew Becker, Tom Sibila, Glenn Haydu, Bernard Ferris, 
                          Don Dunworth, Doreen Trontell
FRONT ROW - Left to Right: Donald Lynch, Zachary Pick, Peter Sullivan, Tony Tarullo
Photo: Stu Gillard

Delaware Valley OEC Course ran from August to December

Not pictured: Mike Estrada from the Campgaw OEC class took and passed the practical exam at the DV exam.

Many thanks to all the instructors for the hours of time spent training the next generation of patrollers and to the evaluators and patients who made sure they were up to the task.